To operate any clean and well maintained facility, it takes much planning about how to achieve and maintain cleanliness at the highest standards possible. Consultants are available at Metro Managment Group 24-7 to sit down with you and determine what your specific needs are. They will closely examine your facility and factor all recommendations and costs into a detailed proposal for your approval. Specific goals are outlined including time frames to achieve these goals. Remember that a clean environment promotes and attracts more business so leave all of your cleaning and janitorial needs to Metro Managment Group while you focus on expanding your business.

Metro Managment Group offers a multitude of services which include general janitorial services such as dusting (high/low), mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, window cleaning and light maintenance (cleaning and changing of light fixtures). Complete floor care packages such as stripping/waxing/burnishing are also available. Other external building maintenance services are also available such as exterior window cleaning, pressure washing, sidewalk cleaning, snow shoveling and grounds keeping.  Specifically to fitness centres and gyms, staff can provide maintenance services for fitness storage rooms, work out areas, front desk/reception areas and can also maintain all fitness related equipment in clean, safe and orderly conditions.

Through proper training on the use of correct cleaning agents, staff at Metro Managment Group can properly disinfect all surfaces ridding it of viruses, bacteria and fungi without affecting the shiny, clean look of the surfaces.  Included in our cleaning services is all cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment. Metro Managment Group can also provide, as an option to our customers, supplies such as toilet tissue, hand towels, hand soap, air freshener, dispensers and many more products if needed.

The staff at Metro Managment Group is efficient in its service provision while being environmentally conscience at the same time. Metro Managment Group is committed to using eco-friendly products. All equipment and cleaning techniques are continuously upgraded and inspected on a regular basis for any malfunctions and or deterioration.

Please contact Metro Managment Group now to have a customized cleaning and janitorial package constructed that is unique to your facility. We can clean any facility of any size anywhere across New York City. High quality janitorial services are provided which are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and fit your budget.

Metro Management Group is a proud service provider for the YMCA of Greater New York.


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