In the hospitality industry, cleanliness is most often the primary indicator of how well your business is received by the customer. Hotel cleanliness is the main feature that travelers look for when choosing where to stay, outranking not only price/value and location, but also room amenities.

Cleanliness counts. Regardless of the type of services required by Metro Management Group hospitality clients, the bottom line must always be superior consistent results.  Hotel cleaning has a vital role in today’s hospitality market in making sure that guests continue to return to the hotel. Housekeepers not only need to be trained on how to clean a guestroom correctly but how to provide personalized service such as greeting guests, setting guestroom thermostat, placement and how to be consistently detailed.

Are you in need of supplemental housekeeping staff? Or do you need a partner that can service the entire housekeeping operation? Or do you need an alternative to your overnight cleaning or janitorial service. Metro Management Group is staffed with highly trained hospitality industry cleaning professionals who deliver results and understand the importance of guest satisfaction.

The staff at Metro Managment Group is efficient in its service provision while being environmentally conscience at the same time. Metro Managment Group is committed to using eco-friendly products. All equipment and cleaning techniques are continuously upgraded and inspected on a regular basis for any malfunctions and or deterioration.

Please contact Metro Managment Group now to have a customized cleaning and janitorial package constructed that is unique to your facility. We can clean any facility of any size anywhere across New York City. High quality janitorial services are provided which are guaranteed to exceed your expectations and fit your budget.

Metro Management Group is a proud service provider for the YMCA of Greater New York.


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