Metro Management Group and sister company, United Building Management, are leading janitorial and cleaning companies that had been specializing in cleaning services and contract cleaning services for more than 10 years. Services include basic office and building cleaning services, commercial cleaning services, and specialty janitorial services. We understand our clients' needs and deliver excellent service. In addition to keeping your business immaculately clean, Metro Management Group's specialists will target areas of your facility that require special attention, including the more uncommon areas and fixtures that require deep cleaning. Our custodial services will enhance your image as well as create a healthy and pristine work environment for you, your staff and your customers!  Surpassing our clients' expectations is Metro Management Group's number 1 priority. A clean sanitary environment enhances the work experience of your employees, improving morale and increasing worker productivity. Metro Management Group has 100+ fully trained cleaning and specialty personnel ready to fulfill your business's cleaning requirements. You can have your premises serviced during the day or evenings at your convenience. Metro Management Group is very flexible and will schedule our visits to meet your schedule with the least amount of inconvenience to you as possible.  Our customer service emergency line operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can always contact us with inquiries or problems which we will deal with expediently. Metro Management Group works hard to earn your trust and confidence with every visit.

These services can be customized to meet your needs.
Cleaning of light fixtures
Cleaning of reception areas and foyer
Trash collection
Commercial carpet cleaning (annual, bi-annual, quarterly or one-time)
Floor maintenance (stripping/waxing, varnishing)
Window cleaning (both exterior and interior)
Lighting replacement
Sanitary services

Concrete cleaning
Sidewalk cleaning

Parking lot sweeping
Parking garage cleaning

Metro Management Group's account executives can be contacted immediately to give you FREE, NO OBLIGATION quote on any of our services so that you do not have to spend excessive time and energy trying to find a company to meet your needs.

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